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Jubilee Moscow Pigeons Exhibition 2002.

28 representatives from Poland, Lithuania, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Tajik and 149 pigeon fanciers from Russia took part in it.
112 pigeon fanciers presented Moscow at this exhibition. In total 170 members, according to the catalogue, participated and more than 3000 pigeons of different origins were exhibited. In comparison with the previous years, the variety of origins, that had been presented on the last exhibitions, increased and the qualitative characteristics were improved. The pigeons of such species as: The Blue Cross German Monk, Swift - Algeria breeding original, Singing pigeons from Armenia were for the first time presented on this jubilee exhibition.
For the first time after the Second World War The White Orel pigeon from Mr Kharlashins nursery Pigeons of Russia were presented. The genealogy of them began in count Orlovs times. Beak-crested Tumblers: Orel White, Moldavian Tumblers, Kamarian Tumblers. Mews: Poland, Uzbek White, Tula magpies. Moscow Monks: Black and Yellow. Cross Monks: English, German. Konigsberg pigeons. Polish Whitehead. Polish colored. Deutsche Schautaube: White, Lemon. Stately Tumblers: Omsk. Voronezh Stately Tumblers: Black Tail, Orenburg, Novocherkassk. Rostov Colored: Black, Red.Northern Caucasus Tumblers, Baku and Armovir Tumblers. Highfliers: Budapest and Kursk.
Modern race pigeons: nineteen birds, from those, took first degrees as champions of distance, champions of standard.
The President of Pigeons of Russia Mr. Kharlashin rewarded the winners.
The exhibition was organized and realized by the help of Moscow sponsors Mr. Kharlashin and Mr. Sedov.

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Unique pigeon nursery
Unique pigeon nursery Unique pigeon nursery
“Pigeons of Russia” is a unique pigeon nursery in Europe. Its most fascinating feature is the ability to house pigeons in low temperatures that are so common in Russia.

We made use of the best world techniques in pigeon breeding and applied them to our Russian environment.

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Best pigeons in Europe
Best pigeons in Europe

Best pigeons in Europe

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